Monday, September 17, 2012

Blottumnal Equinox 2012

What a great weekend! Friday and Saturday we brought the gear out to the Who Else campground in Nelson, IL, and recorded video and audio of Mr. Blotto and other musicians at the Blottumnal Equinox!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

From the Archives

Here's a piece inspired by one of our Mr. Blotto photos. 
This is the lead guitarist replicated and spun, and forms a nice orange flower shape.

More Mr. Blotto inspired work can be seen through my portfolio blog.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Graphic Design speak has a great article which shares graphic design terms.

Here are some of my favorites:

Ear The rounded part of the lowercase letters such as ‘g’ and ‘q’.

Feathering A tool used in graphic design software that makes the edges of an image appear softer.

Hue One of the three primary attributes of color. A hue is a variety of color, such as, red, blue green or yellow.

Kerning Modifying the horizontal space between letters.

Layers A tool within graphic software that permits the user to gather, organize and re-edit their artwork.

Page Layout Deals with the setup and style of content on a page. An example of a page layout is the pages in magazines or brochures.

Sans Serif A style of typeface that means "without feet." Usual sans serif typefaces include Arial, Helvetica, AvantGarde and Verdana.

Vector Graphic Vector graphics allows the designer to expand or reduce the vector graphic in size without any loss in quality using curves, points, lines and polygons.

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get. This is an approximate screen representation of what the final printed image will look like.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Animal Planet shares their thoughts on Declawing

Dock enjoying the balcony
I was going to post my comment on their website but they are only accepting FaceBook user comments, so I'm sharing my thoughts here.

Thank you, Animal Planet, for posting this statement about declawing on your website!
Animal Planet - CatSource - Declawing

My husband and I had always declawed our cats front paws, until recently. A little more than a year ago we adopted a homeless kitten that was found in a loading dock, hence the name, Dock. Before he reached the declawing period, we did research and talked to people about declawing vs. not declawing.

We tried using Soft Paws to cap his claws but they didn't always last as long as we would have liked them to, and sometimes Dock would get stuck in curtains or other items. Eventually we stopped using them (although they are still a good alternative).

We decided not to declaw Dock. We did not want him to have this painful surgery. We raised him so that trimming his claws became a natural occurrence. (Invest in a cat claw trimmer, it's much better for them than a human finger nail trimmer!) Dock is very nice with his trimmed claws, we have had no problems with furniture, and he and the other cats get along very well.

We will NEVER declaw another cat again knowing that cats with claws are not a problem, and knowing that we are saving them from a painful surgery! We are against declawing and share the facts whenever possible.

Wouldn't you rather trim your fingernails than cut off your fingers?

- Declawing is illegal or considered inhumane in many countries throughout the world, including over 12 European nations, Australia and Brazil.

- Declawing was outlawed in West Hollywood, California, in 2003, the first such ban in the US.

- In 2009, seven other California cities, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Berkeley, Burbank, and Culver City, passed ordinances banning declawing on the basis of animal cruelty.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Online Portfolio

Infinirock Productions and my online portfolio website each have their own look now. Infinirock hasn't changed but my portfolio site has. You can take a look by clicking here.


Here's our Marvel 12 foot, Native Watercraft kayak, also known as "Orangy".

We had to bring him into the garage for a bit, and during that time we decided to tweak him out with an extra paddle, a bilge pump, waterproof storage container, and rope. You can also see one of the nice, new kayak skirt fitted around the opening.